OUT NOW – Silver’s ‘Brief Instructions…’ Scholler’s Edition

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From the back cover;

‘George Silver’s ‘Brief Instructions Upon My Paradoxes of Defence’ is considered one of the foremost works in the Western martial arts canon.  Conceived as a companion piece to his treatise ‘Paradoxes of Defence’ (1599); what is so remarkable about ‘Brief Instructions…’ is that from the start Silver explicitly sets out the theory and mechanics which underpin the Nobel Science of Defence. These principles are then illustrated through techniques for a wide range of weapons, including chapters on short sword, off hand grappling, sword and dagger, sword and buckler, two hand sword, staff, forest bill, pike and dagger fighting as well as his controversial advice for sword and dagger against rapier and poniard.


This Scholler’s Edition has been designed with the new student in mind and accessibility as its primary concern.   Silver’s language remains unaltered, but the spelling has been modernised and the work presented with a clear, contemporary layout accompanied by copious footnotes and supplementary material drawn from ‘Paradoxes of Defence’.  The pocket-sized format makes this volume an invaluable training companion.’





2nd Bath Club Opens

We are pleased to announce that due to popular demand we now have a 2nd club running in Bath on a Thursday.  Sessions run from 8 – 9.30pm at the Percy Community Centre, New King Street, Bath BA1 2BN.  The initial syllabus will cover Silver’s system for backsword and staff as well as classical pugilism.  See clubs page for full details.




Women’s Self Defense and Safety course in Swindon

WSD FB CoverWomen’s Self Defense and Safety course in Swindon.

This course is specifically designed for women and is aimed as first avoiding conflict, then spotting potential situations and finally getting away from any encounter quickly. The focus here is on empowerment and realising the potential we all have to make the right choices, protect ourselves and tap into our intuition.

• personal empowerment techniques for avoiding conflict
• hyper awareness and intuition skills
• learning to react fast, accurately and safely
• principles of defence
• simple tips for using the strength of your opponent against them
• getting out of holds
• getting up from the ground swiftly

For more info and booking click here.

Medieval Martial Arts opens a club in Bath

medieval martial arts bathMedieval Martial Arts opens a club in Bath – classes will commence on April 15th at Hedley Hall, Denmark Road Bath BA2 3RE. We are very lucky to have found this fantastic training space which has long been home to the Bath Aikido Club – a large space with a high ceiling, a shower and just a stone throw away from The Royal Oak free house for quenching that post-training thirst! More information about classes in Bath to follow soon…

If you are interested in coming along please contact Bruce@medievalmartialarts.co.uk or fill out the form below.

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Medieval Martial Arts lunges into 2014

Head out of ChanceryMedieval Martial Arts lunges into 2014 with 3 clubs a week, and there’s a  suggestion of a 4th opening in Bath later in the year.  Currently we have Marlborough running on Wednesdays, Swindon Old Town on Thursdays (both open to newcomers) and Avebury on Fridays (for advanced students).

If you’re considering having a go then either contact us or come along and have a look.  Beginners are initially introduced to the sword, quarterstaff and basic elements of classical pugilism.  For the sword we start off with rattan sticks before moving onto steel.  With the quarterstaff we begin with a shorter version for safety (between 6 and 7 feet) before moving on to the real thing. With the classical pugilism we start by looking at basic standing self defence.

With all the above we draw primarily on the works of George Silver, especially in regards to his ‘true times, false times, grounds and governors.” Through a study and practice of these times and principles students can begin to understand how to defend themselves properly.  We also draw on other sources including Mendoza, Wylde, and Dempsey to name a few.

After the first year of study Schollers may be ready to fight their first prize in order to become a Free Scholler.  This entails taking on all comers using a selection of weapons.  We have at least 3 prizes being fought later this year and all students are encouraged to come along and join in.

Contact us for more information and have a look at the clubs pages to see timings and location addresses etc.

Medieval Martial Arts Christmas voucher

Christmas Vouchers are available for our new club in Swindon Old Town which starts on the 9th January. The price is £8 a session or cheaper if you buy blocks online. If you want to buy a friend a Christmas voucher then we’re offering a five week pass to the Swindon club for £30. Included with the voucher will be extra one to one tuition so that the recipient can get the best out of the five weeks. If you’d like to buy this for someone (or yourself) then email info@medievalmartialarts.co.uk before Christmas and we’ll arrange for a voucher to be emailed to you so that you can print it out and put it in a card as a gift.

The initial training focuses on the broadsword/ backsword, quarterstaff and practical self defence through a study of classical pugilism. Students are encouraged to question everything and to try out alternative ideas for themselves during lesson time. Anyone aged 16 years and over can join in – instructors have comprehensive insurance, crb checks and first aid certificates etc.

Contact us if you have any questions or to find out more. Hope you all have a fantastic Yule.

New Swindon club

swindon medieval martial arts

New Swindon club for 2014

Great news, the new Swindon club opens on January the 9th 2014. The location will be the newly built Christ Church Community Centre, which is just a stone’s throw from Wood Street in Swindon’s Old Town. Start time will be 7.30 pm every Thursday.

Beginners will be taken through the basics of George Silver’s principles of the true fight and the focus will be on the broad sword, with a bit of quarterstaff thrown in for good measure.

Prices for drop ins and monthly and 3 monthly passes will be posted soon so please keep an eye on the site. If you want further info or would like us to reserve you a place then use the form below.

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Marlborough quarterstaff lesson

quaterstaff marlboroughMarlborough quarterstaff lesson.

Last week at the new Marlborough club (now every Wednesday from 8.30 pm at St Mary’s Church Hall, Marlborough, Wiltshire) students left their swords undrawn and were put through their paces with the king of weapons, the Quarterstaff. Students attending the new club were first shown some of the techniques from George Silver’s ‘Brief Instructions’. After insuring everyone understood techniques when used in conjunction with the Grounds and Governors (the principles of the true fight) all students were invited to take part in very light sparring using gloves, arm guards and club fencing masks.

The quarterstaff (also called the short staff by George Silver) is named so because you hold a quarter of the staff’s length between your hands. Unlike the more well known halfstaff (the weapon you’d most likely see in the hands of Little John etc) you don’t hold the staff in the middle but at one end, with the longest part jutting out towards the enemy. The quarterstaff is also much longer than you’d probably expect – it’s length should be equal to as high as you can reach plus another 12 inches – so usually 8 or 9 feet. That’s a lot of weapon! When a skilled staff person uses their distance correctly they can take on and easily beat several opponents with shorter ranged weapons.

Medieval Martial Arts Marlborough

Medieval Martial Arts Marlborough opens on the 25th September – this coming Wednesday

Learn Medieval style self defence – Broadsword, Longsword, Quarterstaff, Cudgel, Sword & Buckler, Barefist Boxing and more.

8.30 pm to 10 pm Wednesday evenings at St Mary’s Church Hall on Silverless Street.

Contact Leon on 07812839068 for further information or complete the contact form below and someone will get back to you.
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Shin Kicking at the Cotswold Olimpicks

Fancy seeing some good old fashion blood lust?  Then look no closer than Robert Dover’s Cotswold Olimpick Games.  We’ve been a few times and it’s worth a day out – it’s always a sunny day for some reason.  Check out the website here.

The modern Olympic movement has its historic roots in “Robert Dover’s Olimpick Games”. For our 400th anniversary celebrations of what are now often called the Cotswold Olimpicks, a dedicated team of volunteers has organised a fun packed family day of races, games, music and entertainment – in addition to the traditional Games themselves which include the world famous shin-kicking contest!

World Shin Kicking Championships by DiagonalView


Starting at 2pm, and with children in mind, the Robert Dover’s Games programme this year includes a Jacobean Village, folk concert, the traditional sporting events, torch procession with marching bands and a live band in the town square.

Welcome Songs & Folk Concert

But the real surprise will be the world premier of the 2012 Olympics Welcome Songs written as a prelude to the opening of the London Olympics and performed by a local choir led by world-acclaimed singer Eliza Carthy. Preceding this there will be a programme of folk music featuring several guest artists and groups.