Welcome to Medieval Martial Arts – we’re currently revamping this website. To interact with us directly then pop over to our facebook profile.

Medieval Martial Arts is a school of Western martial arts based in the South West and teaches authentic English martial arts & self defence.

Medieval Martial Arts Clubs is run as a not for profit organisation which promotes and participates in the revival of Historic European Martial Arts (HEMA) with a particular focus on the principle-based English system as described by George Silver in his works ‘Paradoxes of Defence’ and ‘Brief Instructions’. The art uses a number of different weapons, including the quarterstaff, various types of swords, pole arms, empty hand, and a whole host of combinations (sword & dagger and sword & buckler to name a few).

We aim to train in an authentic and focused manner, with due consideration for health and safety, to achieve a level of martial skill on a par with the best martial arts clubs regardless of style. New members are trained to an approved syllabus which covers the fundamentals of the English system and advance through a series of gradings/prizes as their skill and understanding grows.

The school aims to be as inclusive as possible. Membership is open to all regardless of ability, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Training sessions are to be conducted in a friendly, welcoming and safe manner.

We are a member of the British Federation of Historical Swordplay and we have full member and instructor insurance with the Amateur Martial Arts Association. All of our instructors have relevant first aid certification and coaching instruction.

Medieval Martial Arts operates core clubs which teach self defence using traditional medieval methods. Alongside the core clubs there are also a series of courses and seminars available – please keep an eye on our website for further information.

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